Another online romance dating scam

On Life and Love after 50 eNewsletter – June 7, 2019 – And the beat goes on

by Tom P Blake

                                      Another online romance dating scam

When I read, on June 3, about another online dating scam, the words, “The beat goes on,” entered my head. Of course, that’s the title of a popular 1967 Sonny and Cher song that Sonny wrote. It became a Billboard Top 10 hit.

None of the song’s lyrics popped into my head, just the title, because I keep hearing more and more about online dating scams.

As I stated last week, I never want our Champs to get scammed out of their hard-earned money or savings. So, I’m going to share the details of this scam story with you.

The source of the information: an online-only newspaper called the Laguna Niguel – Dana Point Patch that covers “Nearby News,” here in south Orange County, California.

The Patch headline: “Dating App Romeo Suspected Of Swindling Dates.” The story was written by Paige Austin.

Ms. Austin wrote, “A dating app Romeo suspected of seducing and swindling scores of women may have more victims across the region, according to detectives from the Los Angeles Police Department’s Commercial Crimes Division.

“Thirty-seven-year-old Wilson Edward Jackson, of Woodland Hills, was arrested last week on suspicion of multiple felonies, including identity theft, forgery, and grand theft. Now they are asking for additional victims to come forward. According to authorities, Jackson was a hit on online dating apps and social media, where he targeted single women.

“After meeting them, he went to work stealing from them — sometimes by stealing their identities, according to police. He sometimes used their money to lure in new victims, police allege.

“Victims that visited Jackson’s Woodland Hills apartment were victims of identity theft, as Jackson stole their credit card information and checks from their checkbooks while they slept or used the restroom, according to the Los Angeles PD.”

Wait! Hold the presses! Let’s look a little deeper into the above paragraph. Granted, it’s talking about the behavior of a 37-year-old man, so I assume the women victims were also in their 30s, and maybe 40s. But there is a lesson in here that our Champs, who are primarily in their 60s and 70s, can learn from, or at least, be reminded of.

Did I read, “…while they slept or used the restroom?” I hope our women Champs are savvy enough to never leave their purses unprotected–while using the restroom in a guy’s home or a in restaurant, or in a shopping cart (I see it at Costco all the time), or anywhere. That’s begging for trouble.

And it sounds like lots of women slept at this man’s apartment. That’s even crazier! Not just because their purses were in jeopardy, but, so was their health, and perhaps even their lives.

Lesson here for seniors as well. A few years back, the fastest growing (percentage-wise) age group for people contacting STDs was the age 55+ population. Before getting intimate with anyone, particularly someone you’ve just met, insist on both you and the other party get tested for STDs. Also, while you’re at it, have a background check done, find out as much about him or her as you can, and proceed cautiously. Trust your instincts.

The Patch article continued: “Jackson would use their stolen information to buy clothes for himself, pay personal bills, or make travel arrangements for other victims of his scam.

“According to police, Jackson would sometimes ask his dates for a loan, claiming he was having issues with his bank, or that his car was impounded with his wallet inside.

“He would promise to repay with cash, but instead would provide the victims with checks written on closed personal bank accounts, according to detectives. Authorities received reports from dozens of women, and they suspect more women may have been victimized.”

So yup, “the beat goes on.” You can find the link to the song at the end of today’s column.

Part 2 – Senior dating when there is an age difference – one man’s opinion

Champ Curt emailed, “In fairness to Vicki (the woman from last week’s eNewsletter who is dating a guy 10-years-younger), forget the age question. Does the other person (who is out of Vicki’s self-imposed age range) make you happy, put a smile on your face, or brighten your day?” More than likely!

“Or, would you rather date in your age range, even if someone cheats on you or mistreats you?”

I think we all know the answer to that question. Go for it, regardless of age.

Curt added: “A woman laid this comment on me two years ago: “I may not be too young for you–but you might be too old for me.”  Good point, and a dose of reality for we older folks who have illusions of grandeur.

Part 3 – Senior dating: On meeting new people. Forget the seventh-grade mentality

Champ Diane wrote, “My friends and I had a great evening at the Meet and Greet. Thanks so much to you, Greta, the Tutor and Spunky’s staff and the wonderful people who showed up. There will always be complainers in this world. Ones who expect to be noticed just because they showed up!

“How many women try to meet the men either by introducing themselves, or, by joining a conversation where a cute guy there is talking with a bunch of people?”

“We seem to have our seventh-grade mentality and wait for ‘that cute guy’ by the basketball court to come over. Women meeting other women is a good idea too. I think we are all past the point where we must wait. JUST DO IT!

“Plus, I have to say the men aren’t trying very hard either. I noticed it doesn’t seem to be their objective to meet someone.”

Tom’s comment: Diane is right. There were two single men who showed up together and sat at a table by themselves, with several attractive single women all around them. They made no effort to talk to women.

I smiled when I saw two of the women who told me they were originally from Europe take the initiative to talk to the two men. Soon, all four were seated together engrossed in conversation. Who knows what romance flowers might blossom from that little meeting?

Diane concluded: “I thought the evening was very successful and as always, look forward to seeing you next time.”

Next time, of course, is: Meet & Greet, Tutor and Spunky’s Deli, Dana Point, CA., Thursday, June 27, 5 to 7 p.m.

Link to Sonny and Cher singing The Beat Goes On. This is the studio recording. The trumpets and brass really make this song. By the way, the song was played at Sonny’s funeral. Also, “And the beat goes on” appears on his gravestone. He died in a tragic skiing accident. Terrible loss. He was a popular mayor of Palm Springs. To start video, tap on the white arrow.

Statue of Sonny Bono on Palm Canyon Drive in downtown Palm Springs

The Beat Goes On – Sonny and Cher

Author: Tom Blake

Tom Blake is a newspaper columnist in south Orange County, California. He has published five books. His primary topic is finding love after 50 and beyond, sometimes far beyond, for people 80 and older as well. He also blogs about travel at

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