Seniors love the oldies

On Life and Love After 50 eNewsletter

January 14, 2022 eNewsletter #2

by Tom Blake author

Seniors love the oldies. Responses to DOO WOP quiz

(Edited for length and clarity)

“It was fun,” were the most popular words shared by Champs who responded to last week’s 30-question doo-wop topic.

Champs said the quiz triggered lots of precious memories and gave them something else to think about instead of the negative pandemic and world news.

Today: Of the 53 Champs who responded, 22 are quoted (I apologize that I couldn’t include everybody). Here’s what was said:

Francesca: “21 right! I’m going to send the test to some of my oldies friends to see how they do. A lot of fun!” 

Sandy, Austin, Tx: “This was fun–and challenging–to recall songs from 60 to 70 years ago! I got 22 correct. I also loved the music from the 40s. These are challenging times.”

Wayne, Orange Co, Ca: “Fun quiz. I got 24.”

John, Florida, “28 right; missed Puppy Love. I was a DJ in the 70s and 80s and later filled in on a doo-wop program, so I knew most of these. DJ in Lewistown, PA for 2 years and then DuBois, PA after that. This was fun.

Terry, Thailand, “The Doo Wop Test brought back memories of talking to Alan Freed on the telephone during my early high school days. He would take requests on his radio show in New York City, and I learned how to be the numbered caller that he stated from his radio show.

“I was told that sometimes he beat his hand on a big New York City phone book, keeping in time with the beat of the music. As a young boy, those were fun times. Thanks for the memories!”

Larry, “Enjoyed this issue, though my musical taste was atypical for the 50s. (perhaps because my mother was a classical pianist?)

“I enjoyed all classical music including Beethoven’s 1st Piano, Tchaikovsky’s Swan Lake and Mozart’s 5th. Also, Hugo Winterhalter’s Canadian Sunset, Ray Anthony and The Dorsey Brothers.”

Beckie, “Ray and I graduated high school in 1967 so some of the earlier 50s songs were not quite so easy. When I was in junior high, we had a cheer routine to Rock around the Clock. I still remember some of those moves from nearly 60 years ago! 

“Where I grew up in Rifle, Colorado, we could only listen to ‘our music’ at nighttime when we could get ‘50,000 watts of power, singing at you every hour’ on KOMA in Oklahoma City, OK.” 

“Thanks for the diversion. With all of the bad news swirling through our daily lives, it’s good to have our minds enjoying pleasanter thoughts!”

Andree, “I loved your newsletter as always. This one was great. I got 18. Great memories for me as well. I don’t play an instrument, but this gal has loved music and been a dancer from way back when. At 72, I still love rock and roll and all the oldies.

“When I got home from kindergarten, I would watch Dick Clark on American Bandstand. I also would fall asleep at 8 years old with my transistor radio playing Rock & Roll until I got caught by my mother and had to turn it off. I’ve been a lover of Rock and Roll since I was 5. And one of my first records was ‘Kookie Kookie Lend Me Your Comb.’ Rock and Roll will never die!”

Ted, Grosse Pointe Farms, Mi: “I was working the sign-on/morning drive shift at WALM in Albion (Michigan) when the Bobby Holly story broke (it was my sophomore year at Albion College), and I recall reading the wire service news copy about the plane crash the night before — the day the music died.”

Nancy: “Love your newsletter this week. Perfect timing for a little mental gymnastics on a very winter day. As a ‘60’s grad, I remember most of these songs. Brought back interesting memories. I got 21, not bad for a soon-to-be 80-year-old.

Tom’s response: “You are just a spring chicken. Great job on 21.”

Nancy: “Don’t know about the spring chicken but am in great health, worked until I was 70, just sold my townhouse last year. Always dreamed of living ‘on the water,’ found a log cabin on Lake Ontario in northern New York. Totally renovated and am living my dream.

“Met my partner on 10 years ago. Have been reading your newsletter for many years…keep them coming!”

Diane: “I got 25. I too love doo-wop and rock and roll from the 50s-70s. Still love it today. I can hear a tune start and know what song will come on. Usually, get it right! Thanks for sharing this.”

Bonnie, a former Victoria Station restaurant chain employee in San Francisco, now living in So Cal: “Got 13.”

My response to Bonnie, (I was also a former Victoria Station employee): “Bonnie, perhaps you didn’t listen enough to the jukebox at Victoria Station! In 1971, our president asked me to ensure the songs on our restaurant jukeboxes were the most popular. He wanted to know the most popular song ever. I researched it. “Bridge Over Troubled Water” by Simon and Garfunkel, at least at that time.

Bonnie’s response #2: “I was too busy flirting with my waiter, Wayne. He moved to southern CA for law school, and I followed. That is why I live here now!”

Liping, Washington state (Did not live in USA in the 60s or 70s): “I do not know anything about the old music 50s 60s, 70s (or today’s) but I tried to answer the first 15 questions – 8 out of 15. Later got 4 out of the other 15.  

Very fun!”

Barb, “I must either love good old music or be old…as I got 24. A couple were guesses.” 

Marty: “I’m so upset, I missed one. Thought the Monotone’s was fake, but I knew the other groups had other records. Oh Well, learn something new every day. I always enjoy your eNewsletters, and I read one of your books. I’ll get the newest one eventually.”

Tom’s response: Oh Marty, don’t be upset, 29 is amazing. You are the highest so far that I’ve heard from.” 

Donna, “I missed four, mostly the background ones. I only missed the one about the cat and the seafood store Fun!

Tom’s response: Loved that Bill Haley song (Shake, Rattle and Roll). “I’m like a one-eyed cat peepin’ in a sea food store. I can look at you ’til you don’t love me no more.”

Leslie (Santa Rosa, Ca): “That was fun, especially since I taught the ‘50s and ‘60s R&R to 6th graders for 25 years! I bet they would do well on the quiz, too, even after all these years. It always amazed me how they loved early rock ‘n roll and knew all the words to the songs. Like you, I also missed #1 (and 4 others). Thanks for the Friday fun. 

“I so enjoy reading your columns each Friday and thank you for all. I’m happily single and not at all interested in a relationship because I LOVE living alone. I’ve gotten used to it after 19 years of ‘widow-ship.’”

Carmen, “20 with no lucky guesses.”

Dee #1, Orange Co, Ca: I got 18. It was sad though to read about the crash and it reminded me of the movie about Richie Valens with Lou Diamond Phillips. 

Dee #2, Laguna Niguel Ca: “I only got 14.”

Tom’s response: “Only 14? Perhaps because your roommates are from a younger generation!”

MS. Terry: “Fun test. Used to blow them away in college trivia games (early ’70’s). Still got 25, not too shabby! Listen to oldies on the local college station Saturday mornings.

Diane: “I used to live in Mission Viejo but 1 1/2 years ago I moved to Coeur d’ Alene, Idaho. I’ve followed you from the time you had a “Middle Age Dating” column in the OC Register. I was a caregiver at the time.

“Then, when I became a widow, you had written a book. I went to one of your book signings at Barnes and Nobel in Aliso Viejo. I didn’t meet you after your talk. I was a new, young widow, early 50’s, and the room was full of, you guessed it, women! And they surrounded you! LOL. There were maybe 4 guys there.”

Tom’s Response: “Even the single-women-to-single-men ratio was difficult back then. Not much has changed in 2022. However, the response ratio from last week’s quiz was one-to-one.”

Note to the quiz is below.

Thanks for all the fun comments. I’m sorry I couldn’t squeeze everybody in. A reminder, while we are on the music topic, our term ‘Champs’ was adopted from Jackson Browne’s song, “The Load Out/Stay,” an incredible piece of music. 

Author: Tom Blake

Tom Blake is a newspaper columnist in south Orange County, California. He has published five books. His primary topic is finding love after 50 and beyond, sometimes far beyond, for people 80 and older as well. He also blogs about travel at

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