Is Sarasota a mecca for senior single men?

On Life and Love After 50 eNewsletter – February 26, 2021

by Columnist Tom Blake

         Note: Today’s eNewsletter has been edited for length and clarity

                                      Not all Champs are moving to Sarasota

Today, 11 Champs (eight women, three men), including the woman who raved about Sarasota in last week’s eNewsletter, respond.  From the comments, my guess is that not everybody will be moving there. Your responses are always interesting. Here are 11:

Kathy, “I so enjoyed reading your article about the abundance of eligible senior men in Sarasota. But before the southern California ladies start packing their bags and heading for Florida, let me give you the real scoop. An almost even ratio of eligible senior men to women? Haven’t seen it.

“Sarasota is no different than anywhere else that I have found. Senior men are predominantly looking for women in their 20s and 30s. And there is an overabundance of gorgeous women in that age range anywhere you go.
“Consider that now is the snowbird season in this area. Thousands of people are here from the northern states for the winter. When they go back home, the demographics will change drastically.
“I moved to Sarasota three years ago from the Dana Point/San Clemente area after having lived there for 20 years. Other than the horrendous humidity in the summer, I love it here. The people are very friendly. The beaches are pristine.

“There is a symphony, a ballet troupe, opera, and several theatres.  It abounds in golf courses and restaurants and shopping. But don’t expect to be greeted by a line of single senior men when you land at SRQ (Sarasota/Bradenton International Airport).”
“I hope the lady that wrote to you originally is enjoying her status as the ‘new girl at school.’ I wish her all the best.”
Amy, “Is there a chance this may just be a fantastic, creative marketing tool by ‘Sarasota Champ?’ I’m ready to rent her condo for sure, sight unseen! Where’s the link?”
Cynthia, short and to the point: “I can’t live in Florida, where are the men in Pennsylvania?”
Arlene added her slang: “Sarasota? Florida is full of gun-totin, Rednex! No thanks. It is Anti-Christ (the Dumpster) territory. Too damn conservative for me. That’s why I live HERE (in California).
“And the hot, humid weather in Florida sux.”
Maria, “Is anyone in Sarasota following the COVID rules? She doesn’t sound like she’s following in either state. I can’t think about dating until this is over. The pandemic is a lonely business for someone living alone, but I’d rather be lonely than on a ventilator!
“If your women readers are that man-hungry, Florida may be their ticket.”
Daren, “The Tampa Bay area is great for meeting people also. Sarasota does have a traffic problem though.”
Bruce, “That entire area consisting of St. Pete Beach (my favorite)/ St Pete (different from St. Pete Beach)/Bradenton/ and Sarasota are awesome places to live and visit and the cost of living is reasonable.” 
Teresa, “What kind of special perfume or outfit is that lady wearing? I’m not sure I believe that Sarasota is dripping with single men, but good for her… 

“Also, it drives me crazy that while a bunch of us are trying our best to social distance, mask up, and not spread disease, others take a break (happy hour, out to dinner — I’m assuming her activity was inside) in ways that can prolong this awful pandemic.
“No wonder it’s not going away. Reminds me of sick people who come to work and say ‘Don’t worry, I’m not contagious’ — and soon the whole office is down and out. Grrr.”
Larry, “This Sarasota woman comes across as having a delusional, out-of-control ego!”

Tom’s comment: Oh come on, Larry. I know her and she’s a charming woman.

Susan, “Sarasota is very beautiful I hear, but my friend who used to live there moved because he said that everyone in his condo complex was too nosy; everyone wanted to know his business, he moved to North Carolina. It is pricey to live there also.

Tom’s comment: Wouldn’t it have been easier simply to move to a different condo than relocate to a different state?

The Sarasota Champ herself, “I’m headed back to Sarasota in March and I found out the Baltimore Orioles spring training camp is in Sarasota. My family is from PA so I decided to try to see the Orioles play the Phillies. Got up at 6:45 A.M. and spent 30 minutes trying to get tickets. I was able to get four tickets so I’m super excited! Yea! 

“Now I have to get a Phillies cap to wear. The stadium is 15 minutes from my condo.  My dream was to go see the Dodgers in Vero Beach but even though they’re now closer to California in Arizona, it still seems like a hassle with hotels, eating out, etc.

Tom’s comment: From her “Ciao” sign-off, maybe she’s Italian and a bit of a romanticist! And she mentioned eating “out.” So maybe it wasn’t inside dining after all. Italians and tourists in Italy love to eat out.
                         Tourists dining outside on the Isle of Capri near the harbor 
                                                                                (photo by Tom Blake)
Thanks to the Champs who shared their “Sarasota” thoughts. Will single seniors move there hoping to meet a mate? Some might. Most won’t, but it sounds like a wonderful place to live. 

Your comments make this weekly eNewsletter possible. Keep them coming.

Author: Tom Blake

Tom Blake is a newspaper columnist in south Orange County, California. He has published five books. His primary topic is finding love after 50 and beyond, sometimes far beyond, for people 80 and older as well. He also blogs about travel at

One thought on “Is Sarasota a mecca for senior single men?”

  1. Yo I’m very happy very active 65-year-old single male and biggest problem is meet women that can hike up a hill not just roll down the hill. I mean there are eligible bachelors where’s all the women they don’t make any moves.


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